A story of my grandfather



Following in the tradition of the best that photojournalism has produced, we seek to present honest, humanistic, visual stories that can stand alone or enhance written journalism.

We do not supply stock images. We provide curated, timeless stories about people, places, and events through both single images and collections. Our images are sometimes accompanied by distribution text which can be used as an outline for writing larger stories. 

In addition to our traditional photojournalism, we also proudly work with organizations and brands to capture documentary imagery to communicate their passions.

Our work is available for both editorial and commercial use. We provide immediate digital downloads of images from our archives, and are available for commissioned work.


Longform Photojournalism Projects & Commissions

Ristretto: A View of Italy

Images, articles, a book and magazine, from James Conley’s work in Italy, covering places from Tuscany and Florence, to Venice and Rome.

Vignette of an Epic

The 90th birthday of one of the most important luminaries in the world of art and literature.

The Aesthetic of Lostness: Inside Iran

A rare peek inside today’s Iran.

For Madalynne

Corporate photojournalism for a lingerie designer, telling the story of a target customer.


A fashion lookbook and marketing campaign using a documentary approach.

Wheels & Waves

We document an epic motorcycle event in France and Spain for a commercial client.

Short Stories & Assignments

Momento Mori

A tribute to Joe Oz.


October 9 in France.

A Pathless Land

Inside the Tuscan studio of Fabrizio Ruggiero.

Two Miles Wide

On the Normandy coast.

Castello Ruspoli

Inside 1,100 years of history.


The unofficial bread of Iran.


Wandering through David Lynch's stomping grounds.



Out of Time

Simultaneity in Morocco.

The Fifth Capital of Fashion

Springtime in fashionable Florence, Italy.



The Days of the Palio

In Siena, Italy, during the Palio di Provenzano.

Mondrian Abstractions

Thoughts from San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, where painting inspired a photographer's architecture.


Devon Horse Show

Thoughts on the photographic process using the frame of the oldest and largest multi-breed equestrian event in the United States.


Ongoing Long Term Projects



Apogeo Photos Member James Conley is presently engaged in a long-term project documenting the survivors of Liberia's civil wars and Ebola epidemics, and showing the progress being made in the country.


The Race of Gentlemen

A long-term documentary project which is also supplying images for commerical and editiorial use.