FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you manipulate your images?

A: At Apogeo Photos, we believe that a good story doesn't require manipulation. Accordingly, we don't use Photoshop, we don't collage, we don't add or remove objects. We subscribe to the NPPA's Code of Ethics. We do not modify the content of an image.

What we do is to develop our images using traditional approaches, and in a way that mitigates the technical limitations of particular photographic equipment. That means that we may dodge and burn portions of an image, adjust the contrast, remove dust spots or sensor debris, reduce sensor noise, chromatic aberration, and otherwise seek to fully develop the quality of the image.  

Q: Why don’t the images have detailed technical specifications?

A: All images available for licensing are provided as full resolution JPEG files, with an sRGB colorspace. Images are developed on a color corrected, Retina-level display. File size is dependent upon any cropping that may have been done during development, and whether the image is color or monochrome. The image resolution is suitable for any print publication use, and may be downsized for web use. In cases of certain book publishing, we are happy to work with your printer to provide TIFF files.

Q: Do you have model and property releases available?

A: In most cases, no. Our archive consists of documentary and photojournalism images. So long as these images are not used for commercial purposes, no model or property releases are necessary in the United States. 

Q: What is the megapixel size of each image?

A: Apogeo believes that the quality of the image has little, if anything, to do with its technical specifications. Our photographers use a variety of means to capture images, including film, cameraphones, and full-frame ditital cameras, all from a wide variety of manufacturers. Every image we offer is carefully and fully developed by the photographer to realize its full potential. All images available for licensing are provided at the highest resolution and quality possible.

Q: I'd like to make my own picture package. How do I that?

A: Our packages are curated by our photographers to tell a complete story, and made available for licensing as packages. Images in our archive are listed individually. If you'd like to purchase a set of individual images to support a story, contact the Picture Desk so we can find a solution.

Q: I want to buy an image to collect.

A: We occasionally sell collectible prints in the Shop. If there's a particular image you'd like, contact the Picture Desk so we can provide you a price.

Q: Will Apogeo Photos sell my images?

A: Apogeo Photos is a member agency. Accordingly, we cannot represent or sell work from non-members.

Q: How do I become a member of Apogeo Photos?

A: Please contact us below!



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