Momento Mori


With his tuxedo, top hot, and Indian covered in American flags, the man known to us as Joe Oz was the living embodiment of TROG. He was a force to be reckoned with, and had seemingly limitless energy. “Race Boss” did not capture all he did. From screening vehicles for admission, to directing the flow of traffic, to leading the National Anthem, to governing the starting line, Joe was everywhere at once. Quick with a smile, (and quicker with an immediate decision on how to make things happen and stay on schedule) Joe was ever-present. Despite the demands on his time and energy, his face was the picture of being absolutely and joyously absorbed in every moment. 

As  with so many other wonderful people in the TROG community, I’ve had the honor to capture some great moments featuring Joe. The memory of this true gentleman will always be with me. God bless you, Joe!