Vignette of an Epic

In Tuscany, Italy

by James Conley

“Now we have
a completely different

feeling for time . . . . 
Time itself has changed.” 

Gregor von Rezzori, interviewed by Bruce Wolmer


Apogeo Photos member James Conley was invited to document Baronessa Beatrice Monti della Corte von Rezzori’s birthday in Tuscany. The celebration was a multi-day affair, held both at friends’ homes, and the (literally) storied Santa Maddalena. This photo-story is about those days.

Beatrice’s life has been like a continuous, romantic adventure novel, and it is a story worth knowing. She’s a serious woman who makes substantial contributions to both art and literature. Beatrice is an important person, with important connections, with important work to do. 

But none of that was apparent during the celebrations in Tuscany. Rather than conducting a salon, Beatrice was surrounded by her family and friends who came together to celebrate her as they know her—as aunt, as confidant, as friend, as neighbor. The event was about good food, laughter, and the celebration of a beautiful Tuscan spring. 

There was no pause in her story, but for a few days there was the slowing of time that only happens with something truly special. For a few days, life moved slowly enough to be appreciated.

And captured.