Ristretto : Italy, concentrated.

Project Description

To create this timeless look at Italy, James Conley immersed himself in its life. From the haunting hills of Tuscany to the bustle of Rome, the labyrinths of Venice to the grandeur of Florence, both moment and mood are captured.

“Ristretto” means “concentrated; restricted.” It most often refers to a method of making espresso by which only the purest portion of the coffee is drawn.

The term is an appropriate title for this collection of images because it captures the essence of Italy. Each image is rich in both moment and meaning, revealing the complexity of Italy through its people and places.

The myriad results of James' work are what Apogeo Photos is known for: a book, magazine, and several short stories.

Project Details

Locations Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Rome
Date 2016
Photographer F. James Conley
Products digital images; book; magazines; prints

The Book

This collectible hardcover book is 13 x 11 x 1.4 inches, 148 pages, and features 75 achromatic images. Available signed through the Apogeo Photos Store, or through Amazon.com

The Magazine

f/11 Issue No. 5: Italian Moments. 

A subset of the images included in the book Ristretto, this issue provides a hearty look at Italy. Issues ordered from the site will be signed.

Despatch: Mondrian Abstractions

An essay and picture package about “Glass Tea House Mondrian,” designed by Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Despatch: A Pathless Land

An essay and picture package about artist Fabrizio Ruggiero, and the process of creativity.

Vignette of an Epic: Beatrice Monti Della Corte at Santa Maddalena

The 90th birthday of one of the most important luminaries in the world of art and literature.