A Madaynne Woman


Apogeo Photos is always excited to work with brands that understand the value of corporate photojournalism. To achieve a commercial story, we apply our documentary skills in the context of highlighting a particular product or idea, using minimal—if any—art direction. 

Our brief for this story was to present an archetypal customer in a fashion editorial for lingerie designer Maddie Flanigan. We chose a sophisticated, dynamic woman, photographed in her home, to show not only the designs, but to the personality of the woman who would wear it.



The conversation starts with the discussion of Japanese street food. Specifically, using a hard-boiled egg directly on a particular sandwich instead of doing a side of egg salad. Which seamlessly segues into the challenges presented by the overuse of hyphenated terms in technical writing. And then the quality of a snare drum.

A typical day with Monica is never typical. Bilingual, with a PhD in English, her interests cover the endeavors of humanity. Sensual and intellectual, a dreamer and grounded, she’s a woman who gets things done while she loses track of time. 

The diversity that is Monica can be intimidating—there’s so much to take in. But there’s a common thread to it all: value. Nothing in her life is frivolous. Everything has its place and function. To support an idea, she can locate a single book from the hundreds on her shelves. Just as quickly she will lay her hands on a “whizzle” stick, because it's the only way to mix a particular cocktail. She has a pair of Timberland boots from when she was 14 because they’re the right shoe. And she picks her lingerie with the same care. 

This is a real woman. A Madalynne woman.