Apogeo Photos and James Conley deliver the highest quality documentary photography and have extensive experience in creating timeless visual records which become noteworthy narratives. We work to build authentic creative partnerships with journalists, brands, media, and cultural organizations to create visual content for use in editorials, books, events, exhibitions, and digital campaigns.

We welcome new story ideas and projects, and we also are happy to invite creatives to make use of our existing catalogs of work to build original work.


On assignment in Paris.

On assignment in Paris.

Born in Redwood City, California, James spent his early years living throughout the United States. Discovering a love of photography at the age of 12, he began documenting his family life with a Canon AE-1.  James matriculated university at 16, working for both the campus newspaper and yearbook while studying English, History, and Political Science. His career in photography has never stopped.

James is currently engaged in international projects in Italy and France as well as commissions in New York and Philadelphia. He is a founding member of picture agency Apogeo Photos, Contributor to London-based LoopImages, a Contributor to Barcelona-based age fotostock, an Image Brief Artist, and an iStock Contributor. Select work is available for purchase from the Zatista Gallery.

In addition to his photography work, James is a licensed attorney, taking select cases in trade secret, intellectual property, and employment matters.


James’s professional work has been featured in a variety of media outlets. By 19, he was shooting for the daily Nashville Tennessean on a regular basis. James has also covered news and sports assignments for UPI, the Associated Press, and other dailies such as the Los Angeles Times and USA Today, receiving awards and recognition for his work. His commercial photography has been used for print and web-based fashion designer catalogs and advertisements in the United States, Europe, and Japan, as well as for commercial interior design. Select images are in private art collections.  


Following in the tradition of the best that photojournalism has produced, James seeks to present honest, humanistic, visual stories that can stand alone or enhance written journalism. Whatever type of assignment, James takes the same timeless approach to creating narratives. He believes that the greatest power of photography is to reveal the human soul, and always seeks to be a witness of the context and meaning underlying each individual’s engagement with the world. Accordingly, many of James’s projects are long term and ongoing—from covering The Race of Gentlemen over the course of years, to documenting survivors of Liberia’s civil wars—because revealing the deepest truths requires the commitment of time. The result is stories with rich narratives and depth which are out of time.


Contact James directly at: james@apogeophotos.com

Sample Projects for Collaboration

Because James’s work is ongoing, there are ample opportunities for collaboration. Although the narratives continue to grow over time, images from the projects can be used at any time. Because James endeavors to make timeless stories, the work lends itself to magazines, commentaries, and long-form essays on a topic. Below are some sample projects to illustrate.

Santa Maddalena

A premier writer's retreat in Tuscany, founded by Gregor von Rezzori and Baronessa Beatrice Monti della Corte von Rezzori, which hosts notable writers and botanists.

This project lends itself to profiles and interviews of the writers who attend, as well as a larger project on the historical draw of Tuscany to artists and writers.

Fabrizio Ruggiero

Profile of multimedia artist in his Tuscan studio.

This project lends itself to a profile of Fabrizio, and also serves as an example of the kinds of rich environmental visuals which James is adept at creating when profiling individuals.

The Palio

Coverage of The Palio horse race in Siena, Italy, which provides an example of James’s timeless approach to events.

As is, this project lends itself to an in-depth profile of The Palio. It also provides the foundation of continuing coverage of The Palio, and could serve as a foundation for the coverage of other such events around Italy.